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Powerbuilder fastfuncs patched

I have patched "fastfuncs" to provide current line number in stack trace.

You can find precompiled dll for all versions (at least those available for me) in attachments.

EmbeddingPerl project

This project was started about 4 years ago from a hack and today it is time to put it out of the box!

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showing executable console

Did you ever try to write to the standard output using STDOUT but never seen your output in the console?

This is a little known thing about PE executable on windows that were compiled to be GUI.

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My Datawindow DebugMachine v2.4

Long time I did not post here! The datawindow debug machine has changed again...

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My Datawindow DebugMachine v2.3 (updated)

The datawindow swiss knife has new features ! :-)

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Powerbuilder .DBG files (using /PBDEBUG)

Did you already try to produce a .dbg file by running your powerbuilder application with the /DEBUG or /PBDEBUG parameter ? It is a trace of each call and executed line, so it could help to find where an application crash in production env, but is is slow to produce (huge file).

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My Datawindow DebugMachine

This is a tool that help to understand a lot of situation with datawindow.

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Powerbuilder and regular expression

Regex will help you in text processing,

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Powerbuilder 11.5 rebuild message clicker

Are you used to that message ? A full rebuild is required to be compatible with the source code. Do the build now? Do you want to you project finish to be rebuild by itself without your action ?

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Powerbuilder::ORCA 0.06

This is a pre-unofficial release, It just allow to open powerbuilder project up to 12.0, but a lot of new api are not mapped yet. Here is was we could do with it.

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Win32::Exe 0.15 more powerbuilder compliant

An offical perl contribution,

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