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NSIS nsPerl 1.4.1

I have ported it to perl 5.10.1.

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Win32::ODBC 0.35 (Unofficial)

Win32::ODBC 0.35 Added a hdbc contructor (allow to share ODBC connection between languages, so nice for embedding perl !).

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Win32::Exe 0.15 more powerbuilder compliant

An offical perl contribution,

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iMac A1243 keyboard layout for windows

This is my iMac A1243 keyboard layout for windows, because I sometime for some obscure reasons goes on windows computers sessions... :-)

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perl to Powerbuilder

One of my sleeping projects, is a beginning of a bridge between Powerbuilder (static language) and Perl. You can learn more here

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Win32::Lglcd - Perl extension for writting perl's app for logitech devices.

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Tic-Tac-Toe, my first script :)

This was my first gui perl script.

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